The Authors Publish Guide to Manuscript Submission

About The Book:  The majority of this book focuses on the entire submission process from query letters to agents and publishers who accept direct submissions. This book should answer all of the questions you have about manuscript submission, as well as some of the questions you didn’t know you had.

We cover issues that trip up a lot of new authors including self-publishing, vanity publishers, copyright, and the importance of patience.

For a long time, submitting seemed strange and mysterious to me. It seemed too overwhelming to actually do. In fact, for the most part, submitting is relatively easy. This book will demystify it for you.

This is the second edition of The Authors Publish Guide to Manuscript Submissions. Some of the sections of the book have been updated to reflect changes in the publishing world.

The bulk of the new information this book contains has to do with more detailed information about agents and pitches.

Over 5,000 words worth of content have been added to this book to make it better and more thorough. Some of the additions came based on the generous feedback we received about the first edition of the book.

This book is intended, in part, to be a companion to The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers. It’s a book we update yearly, with reviews of over a hundred publishers that are open to unsolicited submissions.

We cover a few of those publishers in this book, but to get the bulk of the reviews, you would have to read The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers. You can also search our manuscript publisher reviews online here.


Between The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers and this book, you should learn everything you need to turn your manuscript into a published book.

The Authors Publish Guide to Manuscript Submission Second Edition (FREE / PDF)


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