Issue Eighty

Joffe Books: Accepting Novel Submissions

Updated Febuary 2019 Joffe Books is an independent publisher based out of London. They were founded in 2013. The originally focused on publishing new e-books and making classic books and short stories available electronically. They started out publishing almost any genre, although over the last year they really focused in on crime and mystery fiction….

Quote of the Week

Writing Prompt: Not A Dream

Whenever I encounter dreams posing as reality at the beginning of TV shows or movies, or embedded into books, I am always frustrated. It is not as if I do not find dreams interesting, they are, but I hate how they can lead you in the wrong direction as an audience member or a reader….

Edge: Open To Submissions

Edge is a literary journal published yearly by Tahoe Writers Works. Edge is a beautifully presented print journal. They try to focus writing that bites, that has some sort of edge. They are open to genre, as long as the writing is high quality and pushes the boundaries in terms of expectations. Because Edge is…

The Six Word Short Story

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below. But first, a bit about our contest series. Every week we are going to have a contest on our Facebook Page. The contests will change from week to week, but the winners will always be published in the magazine. The contest winner…

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was First Submitting To Literary Journals

When I was first submitting to literary journals, I would spend 15 minutes or more on their website tracking down any scrap or clue that might help help my work be accepted. I read their guidelines multiple times. Every time I received a rejection I read a lot into it. Now, many years and at…

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