Issue Thirty Nine

Quote Of The Week

Authors Publish Guiding Principles

Authors Publish was founded by creative writers who wanted to encourage other writers to publish their work and establish themselves as authors. Since the very beginning our principles have guided every review we have ever written and every article we have ever published. For the first time we are formally publishing our principles along with…

Rust + Moth: Accepting Chapbooks

Rust + Moth is a literary journal that has been publishing some excellent artwork, poems, and short fiction in print and electronic editions since 2008. They are currently open to short fiction and poetry submissions for the journal. Visit their website if you want more information about that. However, this review is instead focusing on…

Writing Prompt: The Insomniac

Your main character can’t sleep. They can eat, they can talk, they have a job, they are like most other characters, except for one fact: they cannot sleep. Not even a little nap. Maybe they used to be able to sleep, but something has changed, and they can no longer close their eyes and dream….

The Five Best Literary Journals That Have Re-opened to Submissions This Month

Every month journals open and close their reading periods. At the start of the year, several great journals re-opened their doors to submissions after taking a great deal of time off. The journals are listed in no particular order, it would be a great achievement to have work accepted by any of them. 1. LIT…

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