Issue Twenty Nine

Writing Prompt: Time Traveler

The writing prompt today is simple. There are no catches, no hitches, no hidden rules. Set a timer for twenty minutes and start writing about your main character, a time traveler. Your main character does not need to travel in time during the story itself, but the face that he or she can travel in…

Pledge of the Month

Is writing a first draft of novel in a month too much of a commitment for you? Our pledge puts the emphasis on writing one page every day in November. Are you up for that challenge?

Ten Tips for a Succesful NaNoWriMo

I assume that if you’re reading this, you have intentions to write something for National Novel Writing Month. Congratulations! I wish I were joining you this year, but I’m starting a new job, skipping the country and trying to get a manuscript edit finished in the next few weeks.  Now that you’ve made this momentous…

Radar: Open To Submissions

Radar  is a brand new electronic journal started by two established editors, Dara-Lyn Shrager and Rachel Marie Patterson. They previously ran the respected literary journal Four Way Review and have been readers on several manuscript contests. Radar exclusively publishes poetry and it will be released quarterly. The first issue will be released in January 2014….

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