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Announcing The Novel Writing Workshop with Emily Harstone

I am excited to announce enrollment is now open for The Novel Writing Workshop with Emily Harstone.

Emily created this course so that you can write a novel with confidence that it meets the needs of publishers, while still honoring your creative vision.

Emily’s incredible knowledge of the publishing industry makes this a very unique opportunity. Emily is also known for her thoughtful feedback on student work. As one student wrote: “She is also very honest (in a way that doesn’t leave you in tatters) which is vital if you hope to improve what needs improving. I have been in contact with several other class members, some of them far more experienced than I am, and they all have said she’s the best editor they’ve ever had.”

Please note, because of the level of feedback and guidance Emily is providing, the course is limited to just 20 students.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the course, I encourage you to learn more right away.

Learn more about the workshop.


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