Issue Twenty Three

Denver Quarterly: Open to Submissions

The Denver Quarterly just reopened to submissions after being closed since May. The Denver Quarterly is a print journal that is reknowned for publishing some of the best fiction, non fiction, and poetry. They are a university publication that has been around since 2005. Issues are available on the website and also at various bookstores…

Inspirational Quote of the Week

Ditch Poetry: Open to Submissions

This market is now permanently closed to submissions. Do not attempt to submit. Ditch poetry is a Canadian online literary journal that publishes poetry. They tend to publish works by Canadian authors, although they are open to publishing work by authors of all nationalities. Ditch is open to reprints and simultaneous submissions. Sometimes when I…

Writing Prompt: Personal Apocalypse

Everyone seems to be thinking about the end times these days.  Apocalyptic and post apocalyptic novels are frequently featured on best sellers lists. Many authors have found new and inventive ways of destroying the world and bringing about a new era. However one of the challenges many authors face in creating these new worlds, is…

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