Issue One Hundred Seventy

Three Anthologies Seeking Submissions: Science Fiction, Circus, and Superheros

Written by S. Kalekar The following three print anthologies are all paying markets and they are all seeking submissions on very different topics. Meerkat Press is accepting submissions for Behind the Mask, a superhero anthology with a twist; they are looking for ordinary, day-to-day issues faced by superheroes – growing up, relationships, growing old, career…

Soft Skull Press: Now Seeking Book Manuscripts

Updated March 2020 Soft Skull Press is a small publisher of literary fiction and nonfiction currently based in New York. They publish a wide variety of quirky and well written work. They have published a number of well-known authors, including Maggie Nelson. They are a niche press. Their distributor is Publishers Group West. They are now…

How Often Should You Expect Rejection?

Various readers have emailed me over the years asking about how often they should expect to be rejected. They phrase it different ways. Sometimes they ask if a ratio of four rejections to every one acceptance is good. Sometimes they ask if one acceptance a year is good. The one single factor that affects your…

The Slag Review: Now Accepting Submissions

The Slag Review is a new print and online journal of poetry, fiction, essays, and art, bravely exploring the perils and triumphs of the creative process. The creators of The Slag Review are metallurgists, artists engaged in the science of metal crafting, which they see as a metaphor for the transformative process of artistic creation….

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