Issue Two Hundred Thirteen

Ten Horror Markets that Pay for Short Stories and Flash Fiction

By D.S. Maiorca This eclectic list has some of the best paying horror markets currently open for submission. Make sure to check each market’s specific guidelines as some are quite specific. Clarkesworld Magazine While Clarke’s World is famous for Science Fiction and Fantasy they are also open for horror stories. Although if you read their…

Kane Miller Publishing: Now Seeking Children’s Book Submissions

Kane Miller is an award winning publisher of educational children’s books. Their most famous book to date is the children’s classic Everyone Poops, the English translation of Minna Unchi, a Japanese children’s book written by Taro Gomi. They have good distribution, there books are widely available at libraries, and they generally do an excellent job….

Longshot Island: Now Seeking Submissions

Longshot Island is a print and online magazine headquartered in Eugene, Oregon that focuses on publishing short stories. Sometimes they also publish poetry, vignettes, nonfiction, reviews, interviews, and art. They like smart, well-crafted writing that is a pleasure to read. They look for stories with memorable characters, meaningful metaphors, creative descriptions, and engaging emotional content….

Ten Famous Authors Whose Work Was Initially Rejected

One of the ways I comfort myself when I face yet another rejection letter is to think about the “loads” of rejection letters J.K. Rowling received while she was attempting to publish Harry Potter. I also think of the five years Agatha Christie spent trying to get her first novel published.  I have not spent…

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