Issue Two Hundred Forty

Everything You Need to Know to Have a Successful DIY Writer’s Retreat

By Akanksha Singh Maya Angelou rented herself a hotel room in every town she lived in, just for her writing. She’d leave home at six, be in the room and writing by six thirty, and head back around lunch time. There’s something about having a room of one’s own, away from the stress of living,…

Ink & Nebula: Now Seeking Submissions

Ink & Nebula is an online poetry journal and writing school publishing work by established poets (Ink), and saving special space for poets who have not yet been published (Nebula). They believe that poetry can serve as a powerful catalyst for healing and growth, and that these natural functions flourish readily within a fertile community….

Jo Fletcher Books: Now Accepting Submissions

Jo Fletcher Books is an imprint of Quercus Publishing, the only imprint that accepts unsolicited submissions. Jo Fletcher Books publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror books for adults. They are not interested in children’s or young adult books, or in short story collections or novellas. They are established, have distribution, and have published a number…

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