Issue Two Hundred Ninety

ThunderStone Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Update March 8th, 2023: Website not working. Consider defunct. ThunderStone Books’ motto is global education for young minds. They focus on publishing children’s books with an educational aspect. The attention is particularly on books exploring a new language/culture in a fictional setting. Their area of primary focus is Mandarin Chinese (language, culture, setting and/or mythology)….

Poetry East: Now Seeking Poetry Submissions

Established in 1979, Poetry East is a respected print journal affiliated with DePaul University and helmed in Chicago. They publish accessible poetry, translations, interviews, and criticism with universal appeal and page-turning immediacy. Poetry East has been edited by well-known poet Richard Jones from its first issue published almost 40 years ago. The journal has received…

The Most Common Mistake Writers Make When First Submitting to Publishers

There is one mistake that most authors make when submitting their work to literary journals and magazines for the first time. It is a mistake I made when I first started submitting work. It is a mistake that most of the serious authors I know made. What is that mistake? Is it a terrible cover…

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