Issue Three Hundred Ninety Five

Chelsea Green: Now Accepting Book Proposals & Queries

UPDATE – Sept 24th, 2021, it has recently come to our attention that Chelsea Green has been publishing and promoting disinformation about COVID-19 as well as other controversial books along with their more traditional catalogue, and that even though they bill themselves as employee owned the truth seems to be more complicated. To learn more…

Air/Light: Now Seeking Submissions

Published by The University of California, Air/Light is an international literary journal with a West Coast aesthetic. They take their name from a Lawrence Weschler article titled, “L.A. Glows,” which talks about the idea of “airlight”: a clarity of light that comes from oversized particles in the air. They see “airlight” as a metaphor for…

The Two Most Important Things You Need to Do to Have Your Manuscript Taken Seriously

Submitting is often an overwhelming process, and we have published hundreds articles about the various aspects involved, but sometimes when I am feeling most overwhelmed I remind myself of the two most important things any author must do to have their work seriously considered. The first is to have a well written and polished manuscript….

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