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One of the most daunting decisions a new author can face is what to do with his or her manuscript once it is ready for publication. Knowing more about the publishing industry will help you create an effective plan and set realistic goals for your future writing career – be it full time, part time or occasional.

Making the decision to publish is no easy feat.

There are many factors to consider, the least of which being how much money you want to spend on this endeavor. Not everyone works well on a budget, but if you’re at least aware of when and why you’ll need to spend money on your journey to publication, then you’ll be prepared for the hurdles yet to come.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is understanding where to start: agent, small publisher, or self-publishing and learning whether or not your book is as ready as you hope it is in order to take that leap of faith.

This eBook will introduce you to the various methods of publishing available for consideration.

We will also help you reflect on your needs and desires as a writer, so you can match them to the right option for you.The “dream of publishing” is broken down into digestible portions to help you feel satisfied with the answer to your question, “Where do I go from here?”

We hope your enjoy this book. If you ever have any questions at all, our contact information is in the eBook. You should also be getting an email from us with a link to this page. Here is the download link to the book:



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