Issue Eighty-Five

What are You Most Thankful for?

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below. But first, a bit about our contest series. Every week we are going to have a contest on our Facebook Page. The contests will change from week to week, but the winners will always be published in the magazine. The contest winner…

Why You Should Attend a Writing Conference

Writing conferences are one of the only reasons readers, writers, publishers, and agents all meet in the same building. Because of that, they are a unique opportunity to network, learn, and enhance your career. Writing is a solitary profession for the most part, so writing conferences might seem a little counter intuitive, however they offer…

Hot Key Books: Now Accepting Book Submissions

Updated March 18th, 2020- The Bonnier Publishing group made an across the board decision to stop accepting un-agented submissions. Hot Key closed to submissions as part of that. Hot Key Books is an imprint of Bonnier Publishing which is part of the much larger international Bonnier a large media group. Hot Key Books is based…

Writing Prompt: Big World

For this writing prompt, I want you to imagine that you are very small. As small as a mouse. Now you don’t actually have to be a mouse, you could imagine yourself to be a miniature version of yourself. Or you could imagine yourself to be a mouse. The size difference is what matters most…

Quote of the Week

BOMB Magazine: Now Accepting Submissions

BOMB Magazine focuses on publishing words and art. They have 52 electronic issues every year and four print issues. Their mission is to deliver the artist’s voice by publishing conversations between painters, novelists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, and actors. They also publish original works of fiction and poetry, excerpts of novels, and first-time translations into English….

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