Issue Two Hundred Fifty One

Soho Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Soho Press is an established and respected literary independent publisher based out of New York. They also have two imprints, Soho Crime and Soho Teen, neither of which are open to un-agented submissions at this time. Soho Press is open to unsolicited submissions of literary fiction. They focus on publishing bold voices and original perspectives….

Kingdoms in the Wild: Now Seeking Submissions

Kingdoms in the Wild, an online literary magazine launched in 2016, is seeking poetry and fiction that moves readers beyond popular issues to the underlying heart of communication, which mends all fractures. They want to showcase writing that represents the broad spectrum of our meaning-making systems, writing from all of our vast human fields: histories,…

How to Manage the Tone Of Your Author’s Page

— Lizbeth Meredith Glimpse my social media and you’ll notice my posts mimic those braggadocio holiday newsletters I’ve come to loathe. The newsletters that incessantly boast things like My daughter won the lead in the Christmas play! My son is an Olympic gold medalist! Our family went on three exotic vacations this year, and they…