182 Short Fiction Publishers

This eBook is a brief guide to short fiction submissions, as well as a list of short fiction publishers.

The first chapter is a step-by-step guide on submitting short stories – from how to find a suitable market for the story/stories you have written, to writing a cover letter and bio, and housekeeping work, like tracking your submissions.

The second chapter is basic mistakes writers can avoid making while submitting their short stories – mainly it is about writers’ guidelines, and why it is important to not ignore them.

The third chapter is about rejections and what they mean. These chapters are largely meant for those new to submitting, and reading them can help you navigate the seemingly confusing world of literary submissions. They can also improve your chances of getting into a journal.

The rest of the book focuses on writers’ markets, primarily literary magazines and websites, a few small presses, and magazines.

These markets are broken up into specific genres – speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and various sub-genres of these – though there is also a separate section on horror markets), children’s, romance, LGBTQ+, feminist, Christian, Western, pulp, historical, mystery, suspense, crime, and literary fiction.

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