Issue Four Hundred Sixty One

Severn River Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

According to their website Severn River Publishing “was founded by military veterans and family members who shared a love of story.” They were founded in 2018, and focus on publishing thrillers and mysteries, but are also open to submissions of historical fiction. All of the works of historical fiction they’ve published so far, focus on…

Lost Colony: Now Accepting Submissions

This new literary journal focuses on publishing mid-length (between 10,000 and 25,000 words) Science Fiction and Fantasy. The editor, M.E. Pickett, is an author themselves, who struggled to find markets that were open to accepting submissions of this length. They are a very new journal, but they are paying authors ($50 per story, regardless of…

Launching Your Book at a Farmer’s Market

By Emily-Jane Hills Orford Tired of the usual book signing event at the big box bookstore? Tired of sitting around waiting for an avid reader to show some interest in your display and perhaps even purchase an autographed copy of your book? Perhaps the big box bookstores aren’t the best option for launching your books….

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