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January 13, 2022

AK Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

AK Press is a worker-managed, independent publisher and book distributor that focuses on publishing and distributing radical left and anarchist literature. They were founded in Scotland in 1990, but are now largely based in Chico, California. Outside of nonfiction they also publish speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, horror, and mystery works of 25,000…

December 30, 2021

Shambhala Publications: Now Accepting Book Proposals & Manuscript Queries

Shambhala Publications is an independent publishing company based in Boulder, Colorado. They are distributed by Penguin Random House Publisher Services. They were founded in 1969 and “is dedicated to creating books, audio, and immersive courses aimed at improving lives—in ways big and small—in the hope of contributing to the development of a thoughtful, kindhearted, and…

December 23, 2021

Feral House: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Feral House is a small independent publisher based in Port Townsend, Washington state. They were founded in 1989 by Adam Parfrey who has since passed away. They publish unique and unusual nonfiction and they are particularly interested in documenting cultural movements. They publish memoirs, biographies, and many other works of nonfiction including history not found…

December 2, 2021

TCK Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

TCK Publishing was founded in 2011 by Tom Corson-Knowles. Tom Corson-Knowles is also an author and has published a number of his own books through TCK Publishing. It’s not clear if he started TCK Publishing as a way to self-publish, but it is clear that TCK has moved past that, publishing many books, on a…

November 24, 2021

Twilight Times Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Twilight Times Books is a publisher of non-fiction and fiction, although at the time of publishing this review they are only open to non-fiction. They have a fiction reading period most years during the summer. They were established in January 1999 as an ePublisher, but in 2004 they because a small trade publisher. Their premise…

November 11, 2021

Steerforth Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Steerforth Press was launched in 1993, with a catalog featuring a “Manifesto for a New Press” which stated “Our interests fall into no category, no field, no niche; our tests of a book’s worth are whether it has been written well, is intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and has something new…

October 21, 2021

Llewellyn: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Llewellyn is the oldest and largest publisher specializing in books for body, mind, and spirit. They were founded in 1901. They publish books as well as other items, like tarot card decks. They accept submissions on a wide variety of topics, listed below. They try to focus on the practical and self-help aspect of this…

September 16, 2021

Thread: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Thread is a new non-fiction imprint from Bookouture which is owned by Hachette. We never review presses that are less than two years old but we are open to reviewing new imprints of established presses and Thread very much falls into that category. Thread was launched in March 2020. Thread focuses on a wide range of…

September 9, 2021

Cardinal Rule Press: Accepting Submissions Until February 1st, 2022

ADD IMAGE FOR NEW DATE! This is a respected children’s picture book publisher that is only open to submissions during certain times of year. Their current submission window opened on January 1st and will be open till February 1st 2021. The work they publish hopes to empower children by telling meaningful stories aimed at 4-11…

September 2, 2021

Tin House: Accepting Manuscript Submissions Soon

Tin House is an established and respected small press. They used to be responsible for one of the most respected and established literary journals, although that closed a few years ago. They still run residencies, workshops, and bookstore in Portland, Or. They still publish a wide variety of respected and admired books, including some bestsellers….

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