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Gryphon House: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Gryphon House is a nonfiction publisher that focuses on publishing resources that “address top current issues in early childhood and help teachers, administrators, teacher-educators, policymakers, caregivers, and parents enrich the lives of children from birth through age 8.” Anything outside of this scope is not a good fit for them, neither are books aimed directly…

Tin House: Accepting Manuscript Submissions Soon

Tin House is an established and respected small press. They used to be responsible for one of the most respected and established literary journals, although that closed a few years ago. They still run residencies, workshops, and bookstore in Portland, Oregon. They still publish a wide variety of respected and admired books, including some bestsellers….

Wildhouse Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Wildhouse Press (WHP) is a small press based in Boston, that started actively publishing work in 2021. Their tagline is “Adventurous Spirituality – for unconventional people.” According to the website the press was founded by Wesley J. Wildman. They currently have published seven works of nonfiction, and one work of fiction, and have clear plans…

Blue River Press: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Blue River Press is a publisher based in Indianapolis. They released their first book in 2004 and have now published over 200 titles, mostly nonfiction, and now appear to be open to fiction submissions. They have distribution through the Cardinal Publishers Group, and their books are available in bookstores, libraries, as well as gift shops….

Artemesia Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Proposals

Artemesia Publishing was founded in 2004, and they describe themselves as a micro-publisher. Although based on the titles section of their website they publish work at the rate of one title per month, which is actually a lot more than many other small presses. They started out focused on nonfiction, particularly inspirational stories, but have…

Dover Publications: Accepting Nonfiction Submissions

Based in New York, Dover Publications was founded in 1941. They publish a wide range of books including fiction but are only open to unsolicited nonfiction submissions. They are not open to submissions of fiction, music, or poetry. All submissions must be made by post and they only respond to submissions if interested. They cannot…

Saraband: Now Accepting Nonfiction Submissions

Saraband is an independent publisher that was founded in 1994 in Norwalk, Connecticut. In 2000 they relocated to Glasgow, Scotland and they have since relocated to Manchester, England. Their focus has always been on nature, history, art and the mind/body connection. On their website now, they divide their nonfiction into two categories, nature and culture….

Wayne State University Press: Now Accepting Proposals

Wayne State University Press is a publisher committed to supporting its parent institution’s core research, teaching, and service mission by generating high-quality scholarly and general interest works of global importance. They focus on advancing education and serving the local community. Before submitting a proposal to them, you need to verify that your work fits their…

Psychonaut Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Psychonaut Press is currently hosting an open reading period for full-length speculative fiction novels. We do not review brand new publishers without track records, but even though Psychonaut Press has yet to publish any books, it is a new imprint from the editors of Black Ocean and Not a Cult. Sheree Renée Thomas is the acquiring…

Oxford University Press: Now Accepting Proposals and Manuscript Submissions

Oxford University Press, like most university presses, is open to direct submissions. It has much better distribution systems than most university presses. They publish nonfiction with an academic focus on a wide range of subjects. They are open to proposals and manuscripts. Their website is much more thorough in terms of helping outline how the…

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