Issue Thirty Seven

Quote of the Week

Writing Contests: 4 Questions to Ask Before Paying a Fee.

As an author, editor, professional submitter, and poet, I end up talking about writing contests a great deal. A lot of writers enter contests, but as a general rule we do not review contests in Authors Publish, Magazine. Why? Because contests almost always have an entry fee attached The first time I ever encountered a…

Writing Prompt: Secret Room

Imagine a house. It can be based on one you know well, or one you like from another book. But you should feel pretty comfortable with this house, even if parts of it are fictional. You should know how well maintained the house is, how big it is, and the architectural style it leans towards….

Jupiter Garden Press: Accepting Manuscript Excerpts

Update July 2016: Jupiter Gardens is out of buisness as of August 2016 Jupiter Garden Press was started in 2007 by Mary K. Wilson. It started out as a metaphysical press that also sold other items, such as crystals. A lot has changed since then. Their main publication, Jupiter Gardens Press, is mainly non-fiction focused…

Stone Highway: Now Open For Submissions

Stone Highway is a new literary journal that publishes short stories, creative non-fiction, and poetry. They release three issues a year, online and in print. Stone Highway has only been around for two years, but they have already established a good reputation. This partially because they are part of a larger publishing company called Sundress…

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