Issue Five Hundred Forty Six

Ethicool Books: Do Not Submit

UPDATED NOV 21st, 2023: It has been brought to our attention that some authors who submitted to Ethicool, have been told their work is a potentially a good fit with revisions and directed to a portion of Ethicool’s site labelled Manuscript Assessment. We do not condone this, and feel this is unethical behavior. Which is…

riddlebird: Now Accepting Submissions

riddlebird is a beautiful electronic and print-based literary journal that was founded in 2022. They are focused on publishing creative nonfiction and short stories. They are not interested in flash or poetry. They publish a very small percentage of what they receive. Even though they are a newer journal, they are already respected. They nominate…

Mental Health and the Muse

By Kaki Olsen Aristotle is credited with the famous quote, “No great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness” and it is true that great art has often emerged from troubled minds, but it is inaccurate to think that authors can’t have one without the other. I absolutely encourage putting your soul into…

To Tag or Not to Tag: Unraveling the Use of Dialogue Tags

By Emily-Jane Hills Orford Dialogue is quite simply a conversation between characters; it is what the characters say to each other. Dialogue is an effective way to move the story forward, enhance the plot, and develop the characters. Dialogue tags are the means to identify who is saying what and how they are saying it….

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