Issue One Hundred Ninety Nine

Level Best Books: Accepting Submissions

 Updated October 24th, 2023 – Recently we’ve received reports about various issues occurring at Level Best Books, including but not limited to delayed release issues, issues with filing for copyright, etc. We have seen proof of some of these issues, and we are encouraging authors to steer clear. Level Best Books publishes an annual anthology…

Oyster River Pages: Now Seeking Submissions

Oyster River Pages is a new online literary journal formed by four literary connoisseurs who hope to showcase good literature that’s gone unnoticed. Frustrated by the amount of thoughtful writing that never gets read, the editors of Oyster River Pages want to create an online literary community that redefines “publishable” and celebrates newly discovered work….

Five Anthologies Seeking Submission: From Folk Horror to Poetry

Here are submission calls for anthologies for a variety of topics and genres; poetry about rifts in America, romance fiction, apocalyptic and New England horror fiction, and more. None charge a submission fee. Cat’s breakfast: an anthology of science fiction/satire Third Flatiron pays tribute to Kurt Vonnegut on the 10th anniversary of his death. They…

The Importance of Beta Readers

By Jana Begovic Both the ancient Roman poet Horace and the Greek philosopher Longinus agreed that the purpose of literature is to instruct and delight the reader. However, once carried away on the wings of inspiration, authors may not always have a specific readership or a genre in mind, and can only hope the products…

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