The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers — 172 Traditional Book Publishers

About The Book: The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers features traditional book publishers that accept submissions directly from writers. No agent or previous publishing experience is required. The guide features publishers of books in a wide variety of genres, including literary fiction, picture books, non-fiction, young adult, Christian, romance, science-fiction, mystery, and more.

Some of the manuscript publishers reviewed have excellent distribution and you can see examples of the books they have published in brick-and-mortar stores and your local library. Others are imprints of the “Big Five” publishers. Some of the manuscript publishers are only a few years old and still figuring things out. Others are ebook only publishers.

All of the manuscript publishers are traditional publishers that have been around for at least two years, all have been researched on various watchdog sites, and any negative information we have dug up is included in the review.

Featured in the book this year, in addition to the publisher reviews, is a guide to the manuscript submission process, as well as a glossary of common publishing terms.

–– Emily Harstone

The 2018 Guide to Manuscript Publishers – KINDLE ($8.99 )


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