Issue Fifty One

“How I became a writer.”

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below. But first, a bit about our contest series. Every week we are going to have a contest on our Facebook Page. The contests will change from week to week but the winners will always be published in the magazine. The contest winner…

Writing A Great Synopsis: The Key to Publishing Your Book

How many of you are like me?  You’re a first-time author, you’ve finished your manuscript and polished it to the best of your ability, and you’re convinced that it has the potential to do very well. But then you are faced with the requirement to write a synopsis of your work.  All of a sudden…

Quote of the Week

The Top Five Journals That Have Re-opened to Submissions This Month

A lot of good and interesting literary journals have re-opened to submissions this April. Here are the five journals I am most excited about seeing open to submissions again.  They are not listed in any particular order. 1. Stoneboat Stoneboat is a print journal that tries to publish a mix of established and emerging writers….

Writing Prompt: Sonnet

There are many kinds of sonnets. Shakespeare’s sonnets are not the only option.  There are sonnets that stick to the Italian method. There are ones that are only concerned with iambic pentameter. One only contains the word watermelon over and over again for fourteen lines, and it is still technically a sonnet. Gerald Stern has…

Skyhorse Publishing: Open To Book Proposals

Updated September 2020: Vanity Fair published an in depth article on some of their more questionable decisions and business practices. Skyhorse Publishing is one of the largest small presses in the United States. They were founded in 2006.  Over the past couple of years they have started to acquire other small presses. Skyhorse started out…

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