Issue One Hundred Thirty

The Journal: Now Open To Submissions

Founded in 1973, The Journal is a longstanding print and online publication produced by Ohio State University. Debuting emerging writers alongside established authors like Mary Jo Bang, Brenda Hillman, and Linda Bierds, The Journal contributes substantially to the literary culture in its home state and beyond. Recently, poems appearing in The Journal were reprinted the…

Paulist Press: Submission Guidelines

Paulist Press is an established press that has been around for 150 years. It is founded and run by the Paulist Fathers, a society of missionary priests founded for and by Americans in 1858. Paulist Press publishes Christian books in a wide variety of sub-genres, they have excellent distribution and sales within that market. They…

4 Publishers Seeking Submissions

The following journals have interesting themed issues forthcoming with submission deadlines fast approaching. 1. Issue 12 of Workers Write! will be a collection of poems and short stories titled Tales from the Construction Site. All will be written from the tradesperson’s point of view. They are looking for works of fiction about laborers, carpenters, plumbers,…

Top 12 Mistakes of Amateur Writers

When I was a new writer, I wondered why I kept getting rejection letters. I was tired of never making it past the slush pile. I wanted to get an acceptance letter from one of my ‘dream markets.’ Doubt started creeping in, making me question my ability as a writer. Fortunately, I kept at it….

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