Issue Three Hundred Eighty Nine

Gill Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

Gill Books is one of Ireland’s leading publishers of content in terms of both the Primary and Secondary schools market, but they also publish nonfiction for adults. They accept proposals for adult nonfiction and children’s books. They are a division of Gill Education and are based out of Dublin. They have good distribution within Ireland,…

Salamander: Now Seeking Submissions

Salamander is an established and respected print journal of poetry, fiction, memoir, and works in translation, published since 1992. Salamander is housed at Suffolk University and distributed internationally. They print two editions each year. The journal is funded by a number of sponsors, including the National Endowment for the Arts. Salamander is a paying publisher….

5 Paying Literary Markets to Submit to in November 2020

These markets pay for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. They are a mix of both literary and genre markets. LampLightThis is a magazine of dark fiction, both short stories and flash fiction. They want work that is dark, literary — creepy, weird, and unsettling. Their guidelines say, “No specific sub-genres or themes, just good stories. For…

How Often Should You Expect Literary Rejection?

Various readers have emailed me over the years asking about how often they should expect to be rejected. They phrase it different ways. Sometimes they ask if a ratio of four rejections to every one acceptance is good. Sometimes they ask if one acceptance a year is good. The one single factor that affects your…

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