Issue Two Hundred Twenty Six

Dawn Publications: Now Accepting Book Manuscripts

UPDATED January 18th 2022: They seem to be completely absorbed by Source Books and do not seem to have their own identity outside of being part of Source Books larger children’s book catalog.  Dawn Publications is a boutique print press focused on publishing books connecting children and nature. They usually just publish six books a…

Reality Hands: Now Seeking Submissions

Removed at the request of the publisher.

The Extreme Writing Habits of 5 Famous Authors

I have long been fascinated by writing habits of authors. In part, because I don’t really have very many habits. I can write anywhere, under most circumstances. I do prefer a computer to paper and a pen, but that is only because I am a much faster typist. Although I have tried setting up ritualized…

What Not To Do: An Agent’s Perspective

First of all, I realize that many writers today want to bypass agencies. There’s a lot of that going on lately in the self-publishing world, and I champion it. So why am I writing this advice piece? Because once you succeed in selling and marketing your work, you may get dream offers. If so, you might…

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