Issue Five Hundred Ten

Carina Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Carina Press is Harlequin’s digital-first adult fiction imprint, publishing first in digital, and then depending on the numbers, releasing audio and print versions as well. Unlike most of Harlequin’s imprints they don’t just focus on romance, although they are open to all subgenres of romance, including contemporary, erotic, paranormal and urban fantasy, and science fiction….

Goatshed Press Magazine: Now Seeking Submissions

Goatshed Press Magazine publishes “exciting, unpretentious” poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.  They aim to create a community that uplifts new authors and embraces a wide variety of voices. They also want to create a space where writing is less about rules and more about creativity: “[Goatshed] is for people who believe in Art as Play, as…

POV – Don’t Confuse the Reader

By Emily-Jane Hills Orford Whose story are you telling? Yours? Or someone else’s? Are you planning to share the story from multiple perspectives? From the point of view of the protagonist as well as the antagonist? Not to mention the other characters in the story? Multiple points of view can be complicated, both for the…

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