Issue Three Hundred Thirty One

New Harbinger: Now Accepting Manuscript Queries

New Harbinger is an established publisher of self-help books that focus on psychology, health, and personal growth. The books they publish are grounded in science, research, and clinical practice. They have been around for over 35 years. They publish self help books, psychology workbooks, professional books, memoirs, and gift books, all focused on mental health….

Semicolon: Now Seeking Submissions

Semicolon is an online journal artfully exploring the intricacies of mental health and illness. Publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by both neurodivergent and neurotypical authors—both new and established from around the world—Semicolon aims to provide a safe space to examine the bright and dark days, along with the grey ones in between. Semicolon has published…

Eight New and Emerging Literary Journals

By Alex J. Coyne There’s no lack of literary journals when you’re a writer who has work to submit, but writers sometimes forget to look beyond the already-established journals. There are even more literary journals that have just sprung up, or have only been in existence for a few years so far – these unexplored…