How to Upload an Assignment in Thinkific

Here are the instructions for uploading an assignment in Thinkific, so that you can submit it for feedback from the instructor.

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First, make sure you are on the page where you submit assignments. If you’re not there, this tutorial on navigating Thinkific may help.

Generally, it is best to submit your assignment via your computer.

Step One: Make Sure You Have Saved the Document You Will Be Uploading. It is best to save the document as a Word file. However, other files types should work, including .rtf files. (Instructors generally prefer Word files, so they can easily add comments and “track changes.”) When saving the document, make sure to keep track of the folder you save it to.

Step Two: Click the “Plus” as shown in the middle of the image below:

Step Three: Select the File You Want to Upload. At this point, a dialog should open that allows you to select the file you want to open. What this looks like will vary, depending on the type of computer you have. This will allow you to navigate the folders in your computer, and select the file you want to upload. Once you have selected it, press the “Open” button.

Step Four: Press the upload button. You should now see the filename you selected on the screen. You will also see the button that says “Upload” in the bottom right corner of the upload area. Press that button.

Step Five: Submit the assignment. After the file is uploaded, you should see a button that says “Submit Assignment.” Click on that button to complete the process.

You should now see the following at the bottom of your screen:

If you need extra help, or are having issues submitting your assignment, please contact


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