Issue Four Hundred Two

Decadent Publishing: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Updated October 12th, 2023: Their new releases section of their website is out of date, yet they are still actively releasing new books and promoting them on social media. Decadent Publishing is only interested in publishing Romance Fiction. They are open to fiction of any heat level (they define their heat levels as part of…

Flypaper Lit: Now Seeking Submissions

Born as a subculture hip-hop zine in the 90’s, Flypaper Lit publishes poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction alongside articles about music, fashion, sports, and culture. You can get a sense of what they publish by reading the journal online. A selection of Flypaper’s online content is also collected in a yearly anthology, released each December….

The Truth About Copyright and Creative Writing

I am not a copyright lawyer. I would never claim to be. But I am a writer, a writer whose work has been published widely, so I have figured out a thing or two about how copyright does and does not work. This article focuses mainly on copyright in terms of literary journals, but it…

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