Issue Four Hundred Ninety Four

Prestel: Now Accepting Book Proposals

Prestel is an imprint of Penguin Random House that focuses on art, architecture, design, and photography. If you’ve been to more than one major art gallery opening in the past decade in North America, chances are you’ve encountered one of their many exhibit catalogues. Their logo was immediately familiar to me for this reason. The…

BlueHouse Journal: Now Seeking Submissions

BlueHouse Journal is a Canadian publisher of poetry and creative nonfiction, as well as experimental and hybrid forms. They are “focused on the construction of the written self,” and they aim to explore the use of “I” in writing. To get a sense of what they publish, you can read past issues online. BlueHouse was…

Opportunities Open to Submissions From Historically Underrepresented Voices This November

This list of publishers meet our guiding principles, but are only open to free submissions from historically underrepresented writers or focus on publishing content produced by historically underrepresented writers. Some of these publications are open to a wide range of writers including writers of color, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ+ writers, and those living with disabilities….

Rock the Mic: Giving a Poetry Reading They Will Remember

By Allison Whittenberg Readings are everywhere: in coffee houses and cafes. Bookstores and libraries. Museums and art galleries. Colleges and universities. Chances are  wherever you live, you are within a stones throw or at the very most, driving distance from a reading. Perhaps the spotlight is on you this  time around. Here are some tips…

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