Issue Four Hundred Seventy Six

McFarland & Company Inc.: Now Accepting Manuscript Proposals

McFarland & Company Inc. is an academic and nonfiction publisher that markets primarily to libraries. They have much more expensive cover prices because of this, and do not have good distribution in brick-and-mortar bookstores, but are widely available at libraries throughout North America. They also have a good reputation among librarians, which is a plus….

Liquid Imagination: Now Seeking Submissions

Liquid Imagination is an established online publisher of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and imaginative literary fiction. They also publish poetry that embraces the themes of these genres. Liquid Imagination is a project of Silver Pen Writers. Liquid Imagination pairs each piece of writing they publish with original artwork selected by the editors. In doing so,…

How To Make Your Readers Care About Your Characters

By Casey Yong Characters – the heart and soul of every good story. They’re the individuals we invest our time and emotions into as we follow them throughout the course of a gripping tale. But when do they stop feeling like stand-ins living out a story and start feeling like the people we can relate…

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