Issue One Hundred Thirty Nine

Inklette: Now Accepting Essays, Fiction, Poetry

Inklette is a newborn literary quarterly that’s growing up fast. This fledgling project began just over a year ago as a humble e-newsletter, and then quickly took flight across the world, publishing emerging and established authors from the United States, Brazil, Turkey, and India. Produced by high school and college students from around the country,…

Do We Have To Write Every Day?

Written by Mori Glaser Many writers say it’s essential to write every day – anything, even a few words for a few minutes. I see how this conventional wisdom can help launch a project or keep an existing one moving along, especially when there is a deadline. Certainly long pieces of writing such as novels…

Entangled Publishing: Now Accepting Book Manuscripts

Updated May 2020: It’s worth noting that in 2019 they signed a controversial author duo that is banned on Amazon, and that created some ongoing bad press. You can read about it here (Scan down towards the bottom of the page) and here. I think this raises serious questions and should be taken into consideration….

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