Issue Three Hundred Fifty One

Fairlight Books: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Fairlight Books is a publisher of literary fiction based in Oxford. They were founded in 2017 and started publishing in 2018. The company is run by an ex-energy chief, Louise Boland. Their goal is to promote literary fiction, particularly by new authors, in the UK. You can learn a little bit more about that here….

Tiny Spoon: Now Seeking Submissions

Tiny Spoon is a new, “bite-size,” print and PDF literary magazine of (mostly) experimental literature. Their fresh, fun aesthetic corresponds with their quirky content and contest themes—like the creative recipe contest featured in issue three, and the erasure contest in issue two. Tiny Spoon feeds readers with smart design and unconventional literary art. You can…

The Importance of Knowing What You Want from a Publisher

Authors seeking to get their first manuscript published all have different goals. For some authors, any press will do, even if they have to pay for publication to happen (although I highly encourage you to self-publish through Amazon or another print-on-demand company, if that is the case). Other authors are interested in presses that have…

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