Issue Seventy-One

The Best First Line Writing Contest

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below. But first, a bit about our contest series. Every week we are going to have a contest on our Facebook Page. The contests will change from week to week, but the winners will always be published in the magazine. The contest winner…

5 Books Every Writer Should Read

There are a lot of books on writing out there. In fact it can seem overwhelming at times. However, whether you are a poet, a fiction writer, or a non fiction writer, there are four books that I think everyone should read. I did not enjoy reading all of these books, but they all impacted…

Wiseblood: Open To Query Letters

Wiseblood is a small independent literary book publisher. They publish a wide range of literary  work including short story collections, novels, novellas, literary nonfiction, poetry, and, on occasion, critical or essay works. They are a Christian publisher that is deeply influenced by Flannery O’Connor’s work. Because of this not all of the work they publish…

Quote of the Week

Really, Truly, Awful Writing.

Greetings, fellow writers. The idea for this prompt comes from an idea that I had as a college writing instructor, with the main idea being challenging the brain to think a bit differently about your approach to writing in general and in this creative exercise specifically. I used it the first time as a homework…

Barn Owl Review: Now Accepting Submissions

Barn Owl Review is an annual print publication of poetry produced by The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. They aim to present an eclectic collection of poems by both new and established poets, in a wide variety of styles and forms. Though they don’t adhere to a particular aesthetic, they seek innovation and risk….

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