Issue Eighty-One

Memoir Title Contest

Congratulations to the winners of this week’s writing contest! They are listed below. This week the challenge was to write a memoir title. It was brought to our attention that the original winner’s title was not original. So we have selected a new winner and runner up. We apologize for the initial mistake and any…

Writing Prompt: Poem Around A Word

Everyone has a favorite word, or words. They are ones that easily come to mind and that we use a lot, generally. Although occasionally the word is one you really like but is not particularly useful, like Parabola or cloisonné. I want you to pick one of those words that belong to the second category….

Quote of the Week

Melville House: Open To Non-Fiction Manuscript Submissions

UPDATED April 1st 2019: They are no longer open to direct non-fiction submissions Melville House is a Brooklyn based publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction books. They are a respected and established independent press. They were founded in 2001 by sculptor Valerie Merians and fiction writer/journalist Dennis Johnson, in order to publish an anthology titled…

The Quotable: Open To Submissions

The Quotable is a quarterly literary journal. They publish both electronically and in print. They are currently open to submissions until the 1st of December. They publish short fiction, poetry, and creative non fiction. They focus on publishing work that is quotable. The issue they are currently reading for is themed. They are looking for…

Setting Goals for Your Writing Life

When I finished my first novel, at 15, my goal was to get it published within a year. I never even considered self publishing it, at the time that was not as common as it is now. During that year I finished the 10th grade, had a part time job, and completed my swimming lessons….

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