Written by Emily Harstone

10 Publishers for Your Mystery Novel

Mystery is one of those genres that over the years has managed to accumulate a huge number of sub-genres. From cozy mysteries, literary mysteries, and crime novels to ones focused on conspiracies, now there is a mystery sub-genre for almost every reader’s taste.

The majority of the following publishers focus on one or two sub-genres of mystery. However some are open to all sub-genres. Others are multi-genre publishers who publish mysteries along with a wide variety of genres.

To learn more about any of the publishers click on their name in order to read the full review. All reviews include a link to the publisher’s website. Some of the publishers might be currently closed to submissions but the majority are open.

Seventh Street Press
Seventh Street Press is the mystery imprint of the established non-fiction publisher Prometheus Books. They are distributed by Random House. They publish only mystery and thrillers, but are open to a variety of sub-genres, including legal thrillers.

Brash Books
Brash Books publishes psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, international espionage, and police procedurals. The publishing company is run by two best selling mystery novelists. They publish emerging and established authors.

Tyrus Books
They publish literary fiction and literary mystery novels. They offer advances to their authors and have a good distributor.

Cohesion Press
They are a new Australian based publisher that focuses on publishing a number of specialized genres including crime-noir. They are still very small and specialized at this point.

Black & White
A large established Scottish publisher, they are open to most genres including crime fiction and non-fiction.

Endeavor Press
An e-book publisher based out of the UK, they are open to crime novels and thrillers, as well as most other genres.

A successful and established print and e-publisher, they are interested in publishing a wide variety of genres, including mysteries, suspense, and thrillers.

Joffe Books
They publish a number of genres but their primary interests include thrillers, mysteries, and detective stories. They are a small UK based e-publisher.

Felony & Mayham
Felony & Mayham, a print publisher that has been around since 2005, has established a good reputation as a publisher of literary mysteries. The work they publish tends to involve academia or international locations.


Primarily an e-publisher they focus on romance and erotica but are also open to mystery novels with or without a romance element.



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