Written by Emily Harstone February 10th, 2022

11:11 Press: Now Accepting Manuscript Submissions

11: 11 Press is an independent literary publisher based in Minneapolis, MN that was founded in 2018. They publish a wide range of literature but are currently only open to submissions for their fiction series Nothing Exists Alone.

This is how they describe the series:

“Expanding on our catalog of risk-taking work, this fiction series will challenge writers to explore themes of climate change, freshly. We are searching for stories that anchor spaciousness within the emotional intensity of this crisis, helping readers to confront and process its magnitude. Though the subject matter is urgent, the plots may not be big nor loud. Instead, we envision they’ll hold the door for shaky relationships, common-store bargains, ambient loss, and all must lift the numbness we hold in place of fear.”

The series editor is Hanna Guido. The series will be open to submissions till Friday, April 1, 2023. They are only interested in seeing complete manuscript. To read full details in terms of their guidelines, go here. Please read them carefully.

This is what they have to say about reprints:  “We are open to considering work that has been previously published and has fallen out of print as well as works in translation; if this is the case, please make a note in the cover letter including where (or in what language) the work was originally published, how long it has been out of print, confirmation that you control rights to the work and any other relevant information”

To get a feel for what they’ve previously published go here.  They’ve put this very handy submission advice page here. I like their covers. I wish they disclosed more about their distribution but otherwise their FAQ is helpful.

To learn more or to submit to Nothing Exists Alone, go to their submission manager here. For their general submissions page (currently closed), go here.

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