Written by Emily Harstone October 23rd, 2017

13 Approachable Literary Journals

If you are just starting to submit your work to literary journals, or perhaps you just want to avoid rejection, this list is for you.

All of the literary journals in this list accept around half of what is submitted to them. So the odds of your work being accepted just went up.

These are not the most prestigious journals; publication in them will in all likelihood not change your writing life in any way, but they are not a bad place to start if you are new to submitting or writing.

Make sure you read the guidelines before submitting to know if your work fits. Just because they are approachable, doesn’t mean that they will accept angry poetry when they only publish nature poetry!

Not all literary journals in this list are currently open to submissions, but most are. It is also important to note that this information is subject to change. Sometimes a journal that was once easy to get into no longer is, so if you are seeing this list long after it was published, please keep that in mind. The list is in no particular order.

All of the information used to ascertain if the market is approachable or not was found through research done at the websites Duotrope and The Submission Grinder.

The Plum Tree Tavern

They only publish poetry about nature and ecology. They publish a little under half of the work they receive. You can submit here.

The MOON Magazine

They publish poetry, non-fiction, and fiction online. Every issue is themed, but they read for several themes at once. You can submit here.

Peacock Journal

They publish poetry, non-fiction and fiction. You can learn more here.

50-Word Stories

As their name suggests, they publish only fifty-word stories. They read submissions every month between the 1st and the 15th. They publish over 50% of what is submitted to them. Learn more here.

Down in the Dirt

Down in the Dirt is published as a perfect-bound 6″x9″ paperback book. They publish fiction and poetry. They have an acceptance rate of 70%. Learn more about submitting here.

Eskimo Pie

If you are a poet who really hates rejection, submit to this online literary journal. They accept almost 100% of what is submitted. They only publish poetry. Submit here.

Anti-Heroin Chic

Anti-Heroin Chic publishes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. As they put it,
“Send us your observations.
Send us your heart.
Send us your honesty.”

To learn more, go here.

Page & Spine

Page & Spine is an online literary journal that focuses on publishing the work of emerging authors. They accept poems, limericks, micro flash fiction (under 150 words), flash fiction (up to 1,000 words), short stories, articles, essays, and poems. They accept approximately half of the work they receive. Learn more here.


An online journal of upbeat and warm fiction, poetry, art, and essays. They accept over half of their submissions. Learn more here.

Literary Yard

Literary Yard is an e-journal that aims at widening literary horizons by identifying and featuring the best literary works awaiting publication. They publish well over half of what they receive. To submit, go here.

Quail Bell

They publish a wide variety of writing and visual art. They have a well- designed website and a rather high acceptance rate. Learn more here.



This online poetry market accepts about half of they receive. You can learn more here.

 The Ekphrastic Review

A piece of work that is Ekphrastic, is any writing or kind of work of art about another work of art. The Ekphrastic review publishes fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Learn more here.








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