Written by S. Kalekar January 28th, 2019

16 Magazines Accepting Books for Review

These are literary and other magazines and websites that accept books for review. So if you’re an author looking to promote your fiction, poetry, or nonfiction book, these are places that could review your work; some of them also have author interview sections. Sending a book doesn’t guarantee a review, however, and they often review only specific kinds or genres of books, so make sure you check out their guidelines and the website/magazine for the kinds of books they review. These magazines do not charge authors for the reviews they publish, or they have fee-free options.

Publishers Weekly
Books must have US distribution to be considered. They review nonfiction, fiction, mystery/thriller, science fiction/fantasy/horror, romance/erotica, poetry, comics, and lifestyles (cooking, gardening & home, health & fitness, or parenting). Children’s titles have their own guidelines, as do Canadian books. They consider self-published books for review via BookLife, which also has a services directory for advertising, marketing and others for Indie authors. They do not review audiobooks, textbooks, technical manuals, reissues or new editions unless 60% or more of the content is new, reference books, books of strictly regional interest, travel guides, media and game tie-ins, journals, coloring books, devotionals and prayer books, or playscripts and dramatic works. There is a specific lead time for galleys/books/bound manuscripts to be sent before publication, in the guidelines. Details here.

Neon Books
Neon Books is a UK-based independent publisher, working with authors anywhere in the world, and producing a small number of chapbooks, pamphlets and other ephemera each year – they lean towards literary and slipstream writing, with a preference for the magical realist and the extremely odd. They also have one of the longest-running independent literary magazines in the UK, and a review blog. They accept small press books, poetry, novellas, collections, anthologies and anything that is a bit in-between for review on their blog. If authors/publicists like to have something reviewed on the blog, they should send a query. Details here.

The Quarterly Conversation
This is a magazine that publishes book reviews, essays, and interviews that address literature from original and provocative perspectives – they do not publish fiction or poetry. They review fiction and nonfiction, so long as the books are of literary and/or cultural value. They are especially interested in books that have been translated into English, and particularly in works translated from traditionally neglected nations or languages. They are also interested in out of print works of literature that have recently been brought back into print. They ask publishers to ideally submit books prior to publication, but they run reviews of titles up to a year old. Details here.

Necessary Fiction
They publish book reviews each Monday, a featured short story each Wednesday, a contribution to their Research Notes series each Friday, and occasional interviews, essays, and other surprises. They are especially interested in reviewing fiction from independent publishers, with a moderate emphasis on short story collections, novellas and translations. Self-published authors are welcome to submit their books. Their focus is on literary fiction for adult readers, broadly defined, and they say they probably aren’t a good fit for books in other genres or for younger readers. For their Research Notes series, they invite the author of a recent book of fiction to reflect on the “research” behind it, and for their Translation Notes series, they invite translators of literary fiction to write about the process of bringing a book into English. Publishers, authors, or publicists wanting to submit a book for consideration are asked to query. Details here.

The Malahat Review
This magazine publishes reviews of Canadian-authored books of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction in every issue, apart from fiction, nonfiction, poetry and translations. They rarely publish articles and interviews. Publishers and authors may send copies of their new titles by mail for potential review. Email announcements of new titles are also welcome. They say that they receive over 200 books every year; between 25 and 38 of them are reviewed. Details here.

Strange Horizons
They publish in-depth reviews of speculative art and entertainment, especially books, films, and television, three times a week. They normally cover new works, although they do occasional features on older works. They are especially interested in reviews of worthy material that might not otherwise get the exposure it deserves, and in reviews of works that push traditional genre boundaries. They ask those wishing to submit a review copy to query by sending a short description of the work over email. They accept both physical and electronic review copies and try to match reviewers with the work. Details here.


Existere Journal of Art and Literature
This biannual journal of art and literature publishes artwork, poetry, short plays, short stories, postcard/flash fiction, art and literature reviews, critical essays, interviews, sketches, photos, etc. They receive books for review and books to be considered for any forthcoming issue should arrive at their office no later than two months before the deadline for each issue, in order for them to have time to give it a look and write a review. Details here.


Book Reporter
The majority of the reviews on their website are fiction. They review bestsellers, debut authors, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, thrillers, some fantasy/science fiction and some romance. They also review nonfiction, newsworthy books, biographies and memoirs. They generally do not review how-to, self-help, medical/health, religion, or travel guides. They review self-published books on a select basis – these must be available with wide distribution offline as well as online. They rarely cover ebook-only titles. Besides Bookreporter.com, The Book Report Network is comprised of other online book review and author feature sites, including ReadingGroupGuides, where authors/publishers can provide their guides for a fee, as well as:
20SomethingReads (includes, but is not limited to, new age, contemporary fiction, women’s fiction, humor/satire, memoirs and gift books);
Teenreads (largely fiction for teens aged 12-18, some nonfiction, select self-published titles, rarely ebooks);
Kidsreads (typically fiction for children aged 6-12, some nonfiction, and on a select basis, select self-published books, rarely ebooks, and books for slightly younger readers, though not picture books – they do have a monthly round-up of picture books, but these are not reviewed);
GrapicNovelReporter (graphic novels, can review books or galleys)

Typically books are reviewed within three months of publication. Details here.


QBR the Black Book Review
They are dedicated to books about the African experience. Their website says, “In its pages you will find fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s books, health and lifestyle management, writers from Africa and the Caribbean–the whole of the Diaspora, the whole of our experience. How do you know who the newest authors are? How do you know what to read? Do you still wait for second hand “word of mouth” recommendations for the books you read? How do you know which books are good for your children? QBR is your reliable source for what is current in Black books.” QBR also produces the Harlem Book Fair, held annually in New York City and throughout the US. They have paid author promotion services but the reviews (books for review selected at their discretion) are free. Details here.

London Review of Books
This magazine publishes some of the world’s best writers, and publishes book reviews, reportage, poems, reviews of exhibitions and movies, ‘short cuts’, letters and a diary. They accept books for review. They cannot review ebooks. Details here.


New York Review of Books
This prestigious magazine publishes essays and reviews of books and the arts, including music, theater, dance, and film, and they accept books for review. When a book is reviewed, they send copies of the review to the book’s publisher. Details here (click on the ‘Editorial’ tab under Frequently Asked Questions).


filling Station
This is a literary and arts magazine publishing innovative poetry, fiction, nonfiction (creative and critical nonfiction, reviews, articles, interviews, live event reviews, photo essays, etc). The magazine is produced in Canada and their mandate is to support emerging writers. They will generally not accept reviews of non-experimental literature unless the review itself is experimental – they are looking to engage with and draw attention to literature that pushes the boundaries of genre, form, methodology, style, etc. They provide an address for those wishing to submit books for review, and say that filling Station is interested in works of experimental or otherwise innovative poetry, fiction and nonfiction. They also provide an email address if writers or publishers wish to query about the books that fS seeks to review before sending in review copies. Details here.


Ethos Literary Journal
This is a bi-annual literary journal of fiction, nonfiction, as well as book and film reviews. Their website says that the journal aims to “reflect the truest ethos of the current times – the quintessential yet varied, fast-diversifying yet emblematic, “spirit,” so to speak, of the exciting post-modernist times we are living in.” They ask publishers or authors wishing to submit books for review to query first over email with details of the book, and they may request a copy or two. Details here.


Hippocampus Magazine
This is a magazine of nonfiction and creative nonfiction, and they have certain fee-free submission periods and categories for writers. They review new memoirs, creative nonfiction anthologies and craft books. If writers/publishers would like them to consider an upcoming/recent book for review or for an interview, they should send an email query, or post the books to them for review. They do not review self-published titles, or books that are exclusively available online. Details here.


Identity Theory
This is an online magazine that publishes short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, as well as book and film reviews. They also have a social justice section and blog. They ask those wishing to send a review copy to contact them for an address to send copies to. Details here.

EcoLit Books
This is a community passionate about books with environmental and animal rights themes, supported by Ashland Creek Press. They review literature relating to environment and animal rights in all genres, from fiction to poetry to nonfiction. They consider queries only from publishers, for receiving books to review. Details here.


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