Written by S. Kalekar May 17th, 2021

20 Poetry Markets Open to Submissions this May 2021

These magazines publish poetry, and most also publish other genres, like fiction and nonfiction. They’re open for submissions now, and some of them pay writers.

The Account
This literary magazine publishes poetry (3-5 poems), fiction, and creative nonfiction. All work has to have an account— “We are most interested in how you are tracking the thought, influences, and choices that make up your aesthetic as it pertains to a specific work.” They won’t publish work submitted without an account. The deadline is 1 September 2021. Details here.

MIT Technology Review: Mind/brain
The news editor of the premier tech magazine, MIT Technology Review, issued a call for poetry on Twitter. They want to publish some poetry for their next issue on the theme of mind/brain. Send up to two poems. They pay. The deadline is 31 May 2021. See the Twitter thread here.

The Boiler
They publish poetry (send 3-5 poems), fiction, and non-fiction. The magazine is published biannually. It welcomes diverse voices, and actively welcomes submissions that dismantle the power structures of white supremacy. The deadline is 15 August 2021 but as of May 22cd they’ve been unexpectedly closed, sorry for the inconvenience. Details here.

They publish poetry (up to 5 poems), fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid work. For poetry their guidelines say, “We seek poetry of contradiction: the poetry that finds the intimacy in the grotesque, the grotesque in the intimate, the vulnerability and fist fight. … Send us work you worry about sending anywhere else. Send us work with talons.” Their editors select one work of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction/hybrid each issue to receive a $25 honorarium. Details here.

The Pomegranate London
This is a biannual printed art and literary magazine featuring poems (send up to 4 poems) short stories, poems, and essays on artists, and was founded in July 2020. It seeks to publish and promote innovative, fresh and experimental new work from established and emerging writers and artists from the UK and internationally. All submissions must feature an artist or an artist’s tool, creation or environment in some way. Artists include, but are not limited to: writers, painters, musicians, dancers, performing artists, actors, filmmakers, artistic directors, fashion designers, sculptors, photographers. They read work year-round. Pay is £30 per poem. Each issue will also select a single poem, story, essay or artwork to receive £200. Details here.

Workers Write! Tales from the Key of C
For this issue, they want poetry and fiction from the music industry – “about music teachers, singer/band members, band managers, roadies, conductors, DJs, studio musicians, anyone who makes money making music.” Send work of 500-5,000 words. Pay is $5-50. The deadline is 31 December 2021 (or until filled). Details here.

This Ireland-based journal takes submissions of poetry (send up to 4 poems), fiction, and nonfiction from all over the world. They publish work that engages with the natural world, and have a particular interest in work which encourages reflection on human interaction with plant and animal life, landscape and the self. They also accept translations. Pay is €40/poem, and €40/page of prose up to €120. The deadline is 15 June 2021. Details here.

This poetry journal publishes 6 times a year. Their guidelines say, “Our taste is eclectic. We want poems that move us, a strong sense of imagery, emotion, with interesting and surprising use of language, words that resonate.  We want fresh. We want voice. We want craft. … Please no long poems. We prefer a poem that will fit on one page. We are not interested in inspirational poetry or philosophical musings.”  Send up to 3 poems. Details here.

Liminality: A Magazine of Speculative Poetry
They are looking for speculative poems that touch the heart as well as the head; that are luminal, fluid and fantastic. This is their final reading period. Send up to 5 poems. Pay is $10 per poem. The deadline is 31 May 2021. Details here.

Eye to the Telescope: Indigenous Futurism
This is a speculative poetry magazine and they’re accepting submissions from indigenous writers worldwide. Their guidelines say, “Indigenous Futurism, a term brought forward by Anishinaabe scholar and author Dr. Grace Dillon, describes a movement where Indigenous perspectives on the past, present, and future find expression in science fiction and other genres. Possible poems in this issue could include (but are not limited to) Indigenous robots, AI, and cyborgs, star stories and space exploration, Indigenous takes on solarpunk (or any of the other “-punks”), decolonization, Indigenous technologies, inventions and innovations, climate healing and community, time travel, and/or language revitalization.” Send up to 3 poems. Pay is $0.03/word, up to $25. The deadline is 15 June 2021. Details here.

The Rupture
This magazine was formerly called The Collagist. They publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Their guidelines say, “The Rupture will consider submissions of up to 6 poems and no more than 8 pages. … We enjoy reading a broad range of styles, from formal to free to experimental, and are looking to publish work that feels urgent and finely tuned.” The deadline is 31 July 2021. Details here and here.

This is a bi-annual literary magazine for emerging poets, artists, and thinkers. They accept poetry (send 3-5 poems), fiction, nonfiction, and art. They pay $15. Details here and here.

Lake Effect
This magazine publishes poetry (send up to 4 poems), as well as fiction and nonfiction. They want poems “that demonstrate an original voice and that use multi-layered, evocative images presented in a language shaped by an awareness of how words sound and mean. Each line should help to carry the poem.” Payment is in contributor copies. Details here.

Southern Poetry Review
This Georgia-based journal is one of the oldest poetry journals in the region. They accept poetry from all over the US, and the world. Send up to 5 poems. They read year-round. Details here.

This journal of arts and literature is a publication established and administered by students at York University in Toronto, Canada. They publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art from both local and international contributors. The deadline for submissions to be considered for Fall/Winter issues that are published in October is July 1 while the deadline for submissions to be considered for Spring/Summer issues that are published in June is December 31. Send submissions of up to 3,500 words. Pay is $50 (Canadian) per submission (up to $250). Details here.

The Liminal Review
This Ireland-based magazine is “a literature and arts journal (print) that is looking for the things that are made in the in-between spaces. We want your abstract feelings, your bent encounters, your thoughts on anything. The things that don’t fully fit anywhere else, we want to give them a space.” They publish poetry (send up to 5 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. Authors are paid a contributor copy. The deadline is 31 May 2021. Details here.

Oyster River Pages
This magazine publishes poetry, and they have a separate submission section for newer poets called Emerging Voices in Poetry. They champion underrepresented voices. Send up to 3 poems. They also publish fiction, nonfiction, and art. The deadline is 31 May 2021. Details here.

The Talking Book
This is an independent audiobook publisher. They also have a lit mag and podcast, and currently they’re accepting submissions of poetry, excerpts, essays, and fiction. Also, “Work with accompanying AUDIO (MP3) will be given extra love.”  Details here.

Masque & Spectacle
They publish poetry (send 3-5 poems), fiction, drama, nonfiction, reviews, visual art, video, as well as music & sound installation. Their guidelines say, “We are looking for all forms of poetry, including formal and experimental work. Longer works are acceptable if the content/form necessitate and best self-editing is practiced.
New poets are as welcome as veterans. Poems that have an association to artistic works (music, visuals, performance, film, etc.) are encouraged.” They welcome a variety of voices, including the non-traditional. The deadline is 31 July 2021. Details here.

Prairie Fire: Roots & Routes
This Canadian literary magazine is looking for submissions on the ‘Roots & Routes’ theme – they’re accepting poetry (send up to 3 poems if sending for the themed issue), fiction, and nonfiction, and the deadline is 31 May 2021 for this theme, and work can be emailed or mailed. They also want unthemed submissions (send up to 6 poems; work has to be mailed, and there is no deadline specified). Pay varies; it is CAD40 for poems, and up to CAD250 for prose.

Bio: S. Kalekar is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to this magazine. She is the author of 182 Short Fiction Publishers. She can be reached here.




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