Written by S. Kalekar November 15th, 2021

28 Literary Markets that Accept Poetry

These magazines and outlets publish poetry of various kinds. Many of them also publish other genres, like fiction and nonfiction. Some of them pay. Most, but not all, are open for submissions now. They  are listed in no particular order.

West Branch
This well-regarded literary magazine from Bucknell University publishes poems (send up to 6 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. Pay is $50/poem, and $0.05/word up to $100 for prose. The deadline is 1 April 2022. Details here.

This UK-based poetry journal is seeking submissions on the ‘Solitude’ theme (send up to 4 poems). The magazine has a different editor for each issue. They have extensive guidelines on the theme, including “For this issue of Magma, we are seeking poems which explore our ever-changing understanding and experiences of solitude, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic.” The deadline is 30 November 2021; they’re also reading for a fee-based poetry contest, and that has a later deadline. Details here and here.

DreamForge Magazine
This speculative fiction magazine is open for a short period for poetry (up to 900 words) and fiction submissions – they accept fantasy and science fiction, and horror is not a good fit for this magazine. Pay is $25-100 for poems, and $0.06/word for fiction. The deadline is 30 November 2021. Details here.
(Strange Horizons also accepts speculative poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art – pay is $50 for poems, and $0.10/word for fiction. Details here.)

The Hollins Critic
This magazine is published by the Hollins University. They are open for poetry submissions (send up to 5 poems) – they do not accept unsolicited essays, and they do not publish fiction. The deadline is 1 December 2021. Details here and here.

This digital literary magazine was founded in 2019 by the Randolph College MFA program. They publish poetry (send up to 3 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. “We also welcome poetry comics, photo poems, video poems, erasures, etc.” Pay is $25. Micro-reviews are accepted year-round, and the deadline is 8 December 2021 for other genres, including poetry. Details here.

3Elements Literary Review
They post three elements, and all of these three words have to be incorporated into poetry (send up to 2 pages) and fiction. For the upcoming issue, the elements are Mercy, Town Square, and Frost. Also, “Your story or poem doesn’t have to be about the three elements or even revolve around them; simply use your imagination to create whatever you want. You can use any form of the words/elements for the given submission period. For example, if the elements are: Flash, Whimsy, and Seizure; we would accept the usage of Flashed, Whimsical, and Seizures.” The deadline is 30 November 2021. Details here.

The Orchards Poetry Journal
“While we encourage rhymed verse in traditional forms, we also accept finely wrought free verse.” Send up to 3 poems, preferably unpublished. They are reading for the December issue, and the deadline is 20 November 2021. Details here.

Sharkpack Poetry Annual
Sharkpack is a subsidiary of Fathom Books, whose focus is text by women and queers. Submissions are open for Sharkpack Poetry Annual from 15th November to 15th December 2021. They pay cash honorariums, and previous issues were themed ones. At the time of writing, no other submission details were available. Details here and here (scroll down).

Otis Nebula
The magazine “publishes incandescent, substantial work that surprises itself. Though we primarily publish poetry, we’re open to all forms and have always been a refuge for underrepresented voices.” Send up to 6 poems. The deadline is 21 December 2021. Details here.

They are open for submissions on the ‘Certainty’ theme. “How do you know when something is undeniably, inevitably true? What does certainty feel like in your body? Is it a firm knot of conviction deep in your core? Does it manifest as clarity or courage? Can you grasp certainty? Are you sure?
What happens when certainty crumbles? When the home, the relationship, your own body, break and you must reckon with the reality that what was once indisputable is now disrupted? … We are interested in work that focuses on the edge, the brink, of certainty. What surrounds certainty? What are the images, sounds, ideas, people, movements, and opportunities?“ They publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid works. Pay is $25 for poems, and $50-100 for other works. The deadline is 15 December 2021. Details here and here.

Longleaf Review
They are open for their ‘Joy’ themed issue. “As the mercury drops and the nights grow longer, Longleaf wants to know what keeps you moving forward—even just an inch at a time. Whether it’s the simple and sweet, the complex and complicated, or the lush and extravagant, the interpretation of this theme is entirely yours.” Apart from poems, including picture poems (send 1-3 poems), writers can send fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid works. The deadline is 20 November 2021. Details here.

Poetry Northwest
This magazine, which has been published for more than 60 years, is published semi-annually in June and December. They also publish new work (poetry, reviews, interviews and poetry-related essays) on their website. All work will be considered for the print edition, the website, or both. Send up to 4 poems. They have a submission cap during their reading periods (which is usually reached in a couple of days), but they take emailed submissions from BIPOC poets during the submission period, even after the Submittable cap is reached. The deadline is 30 November 2021. Details here and here.

The Concrete Desert Review and The Concrete Desert Review Kids!
They have a literary journal for adults, as well as a podcast of poetry and fiction aimed at children.
— The Concrete Desert Review: They publish one print issue a year and also digital content on their website. All work will be considered for both online and print publication – they accept poetry (up to 5 poems), fiction, nonfiction, visual art, and audio. All work will also be considered for production in their Concrete Desert Review Podcast. Details here.

— The Concrete Desert Review Kids! This is a podcast of fiction and poetry (up to 5 poems) from across the globe, and they want work suitable for children 4-10 years old. Details here.

Poetry Online
They have no strict style or theme. They accept both poetry (send 1-5 poems) and visual poetry (including cine poetry/video art), traditional and experimental. Pay is $25. They read submissions year-round. Details here.

This is an annual print poetry journal. Send 3-5 poems, of any length. The deadline is 30 November 2021. Details here.

The Continental Review
They publish video poetics. “If you have work which you would like to be considered – whether it be concrete, visual, textual, antitextual, or any variation in between – you should upload your work to Vimeo with your name and The Continental Review in the video’s title, and send us the link.” They accept submissions year-round. Details here.

Poet Lore
This is a biannual print journal of poetry, and their tagline is ‘America’s Oldest Poetry Journal’. They publish both established and emerging poets. They also welcome all types of poems, including long poems and sequences. Send up to 5 poems. They accept translations, as well. The deadline is 30 November 2021. Details here.Riddle Fence
This is Labrador and Newfoundland based quarterly magazine of arts and culture. Apart from poetry (send 3-5 poems), they publish fiction, nonfiction, visual art, reviews and features. Pay is $30/page. Details here.

They publish small, absurdist poems (up to 10 lines), as well as prose, hybrid, and plays. The genres accepted are Absurdism, Dadaism, Existentialism, Nihilism, Expressionism, and Surrealism. The deadline is 30 November 2021 for the December issue. Details here.

Arc Poetry Magazine
This Canadian publication publishes contemporary poetry, and welcome work from writers at all stages in their career. Their website says, “We feature poetry that is woozy, cunning, shearing and wildlike, and prose that offers new perspectives on the verse you thought you knew.” They are open for submissions now, including for poetry translations and spoken word poetry; send up to 3 poems/up to 360 lines. Pay is $50/page. The deadline is 30 November 2021 for the Summer 2022 issue. Details here.

Not One of Us
This is a digest-sized publication, and they publish speculative fiction, poetry (up to 40 lines; can read longer poems), and art. “Not One of Us is about people (or things) out of place in their surroundings, outsiders, social misfits, aliens in the SF sense—anyone excluded from society for whatever the reason. We’d like Not One of Us to consider the problem of “otherness” from every possible fictional angle: horror, SF, fantasy, noir, slipstream, Western, mainstream, whatever.” See guidelines about tropes to avoid. They prefer poems of 40 lines or less. Pay is $5 for poems, and ¼¢ per word for fiction. Details here.

This literary magazine will be open for poetry submissions briefly, during 1-15 January 2022; send 3-5 poems. They read poetry submissions for “power, surprise, intelligence, big-heartedness, craftiness, mystery, and risky strangeness.” They accept comic submissions all year. They also have submission periods for fiction and nonfiction. Pay is $100/ poem, and $100/1,000 words of prose up to $500. Details here.

Failed Haiku
This is a journal of English Senryu. For the current submission period, they want up to 2 Haibun, Senryu-based. Poets can send previously published work. The deadline is 25th November 2021 for the December issue. They read work every month (see guidelines). Details here.

They want work that has some connection to music. They publish poetry (submit up to 3 poems), fiction, and nonfiction. “Poems can be either lyrical or narrative, and the connection to music can be subtle or explicit. We especially like the weird and the sincere.” Pay is $25/poem, and $40-200 for other genres. Details here.
(Another publication that seeks similar work is Workers Write! – their next edition is titled Tales from the Key of C, and they want stories and poems about the music industry. Pay is $5-50, and the deadline is 31 December 2021, or until filled.)

Synthetic Reality Magazine
This is a new digital and limited print-run magazine of speculative literature. They publish fiction in various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, horror, swords and sorcery; and poetry in similar genres – send up to 5,000 words for poetry. They also publish articles and reviews. See guidelines for the tropes they do not want. Pay is $0.01/word. Details here.

Ancient Paths Online
Their website says this is “a predominantly Christian publication. Works published in Ancient Paths explore spiritual themes such as redemption, sin, forgiveness, doubt, faith, gratitude for the ordinary blessings of life, spiritual struggle, and spiritual growth.” They accept poetry (12-60 lines), fiction, and art. Pay is $1.25. The deadline for Advent-themed work is 30 November, and for Christmas and Epiphany-themed work, it is 15 December 2021. They are also reading general submissions. Details here.

This is a magazine of global arts and politics. They publish poetry (send up to 5 poems); translations are welcome. They also publish fiction and nonfiction. Pay is $50 for poems and $100-150 for other genres. Details here.

Bio: S. Kalekar is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to this magazine. She is the author of 182 Short Fiction Publishers. She can be reached here.


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