Written by Emily Harstone October 8th, 2015

3 Anthologies Seeking Submissions

Anthologies are a great way to get published. They tend to have better distribution and a longer shelf life than most literary journals. They also tend to pay their writers. Anthologies are generally focused on specific topics, so you either have to find one that matches your writing or you have to write a new story or poem.

The following three anthologies are all looking for very different submissions.

Paper Nautilus is publishing Excavating Honesty: An Anthology of Rage and Hope in America. The deadline for submissions is November 1st. The editors are seeking work in the spirit of Audre Lorde’s assertion that “we cannot allow our fear of anger to deflect us nor seduce us into settling for anything less than the hard work of excavating honesty.” This two-part anthology is focused on examining the uncomfortable realities and moments of healing surrounding race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other influential aspects of identity and experience in America. They are looking for poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. Previously unpublished work is preferred, but they will accept reprints so long as the author currently holds the rights. Please visit their Submittable page here.

Ashland Creek Press is currently accepting short story submissions for a book-length fiction anthology focused on animals, the anthology will be titled Among Animals. They are looking for stories of how the lives of animals and humans intersect, particularly in regards to the conservation and protection of animals. Stories should be from 2,500 to 7,500 words in length and previously published stories can be submitted as long as you have the publication rights. They have no set deadline, so submit to them as soon as possible. To learn more visit their website here.

Spider Road is publishing a suspense anthology, Approaching Footsteps: Four Novellas by Women. They are only interested in submissions by women. Payment will be $150, three free copies of the collection, and a full-page bio and author profile on their website. Novellas must be 9,000- 13,000 words long (40-60 pages). Submissions must be made by November 1st. To learn more about what they are looking for visit their Submittable page here.


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