Written by A Guest Author February 4th, 2021

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Writing Habit

Holly Garcia

This past year was a trip. Remote work became a thing for many, parents became teachers overnight, and many of us found ourselves putting our writing on the back burner. Now that you are adjusting to your new normal, it seems the perfect time to get back to your writing project. 

You established a solid writing habit by writing every day, setting a word count, and outlining your projects to help you stay the course. These are essential elements to building a writing habit. But with the time you have spent away from your projects, you find yourself looking for additional ways to strengthen your writing habit. You want to make the most out of the time you spend writing. 

Whether you have stepped away from your writing project for a holiday break, or due to a life change that lasted a few years, strengthening your writing habit is a valuable skill. It will support your dream of taking writing goals and turning them into reality.

Start Your Day Freewriting

The beauty of freewriting is that the possibilities are endless. It can be in the form of journaling. It can be random musing on whatever happens to be on your mind. Your freewriting can even be about how much you’re struggling to write. Getting your thoughts down on paper allows you to clear your mind and sharpen your focus.

 If you prefer structure, grab a writing prompt, and respond to it. Another option to consider is brainstorming ideas related to the project you are working on; this brings us to the second way you can strengthen your writing habit. 

Brainstorm Ideas for the Next Writing Session

This is a challenge I consciously have to work through regularly. When I first built my writing habit, I only focused on actions I was taking in the moment. I made sure to set and meet a daily word count. I reviewed a previously laid outline to make sure I was staying on task. What I struggled with the most was figuring out where to go next, after I wrapped up my current project. 

When you are struggling to find the right place to start, diving straight onto a blank page might not be as easy as you had hoped. At the beginning of each week, I brainstorm topics, information, or questions related to the project I’m working on. Even though I have outlined these projects, I brainstorm different points-of-view or alternate scenarios.

Sometimes I find the topics crossed my mind during freewriting sessions over the past week. Other times, I find myself inspired by other authors and works I’ve experienced. 

Read Twice as Much as You Write

The best writers are avid readers. Reading different authors will inspire your unique voice, expand your vocabulary, and introduce you to various ideas you may have never considered.  

Much of my reading has inspired my current work. I am a huge historical fiction fan. After consuming countless books by authors in the genre, I would read about the authors. What was their creative process like? What kind of research did they do to portray a world from centuries ago? 

Every time you read another author, they leave an impression on you and influence your work. They may inspire something you love, or they may create something you do not wish to repeat. Either way, reading other authors is a critical activity to engage in when you are strengthening your writing habit.

In Conclusion

These three strategies you should use to strengthen your writing habit are things you might already be doing. If you aren’t, remember to start your day freewriting, brainstorm before you dive into your next writing session, and read twice as much as you write. By strengthening your writing habit and engaging in activities that support your creativity, you will find it easier to pick up where you left off and turn your writing goals into reality.

Bio: Holly Garcia is the author of an upcoming self-published poetry collection, All The Ways I Loved You, and is working through her debut historical fiction novel. When she isn’t working on these projects, she writes non-fiction essays and is a freelance résumé writer. Keep in touch at garcia.hc0502@gmail.com


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