Written by S. Kalekar February 9th, 2017

5 Anthologies Seeking Submissions

These are anthology calls for a variety of genres and themes: from real stories about radios, to cowboy-themed fiction, to science fiction and horror. Most of these pay writers, and have deadlines coming up in February.

1. Bundoran Press’s
49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Future

In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday, they seek SF stories from across Canada and around the world exploring what might have been – or what might yet be. They only want science fiction (not supernatural), but might include steam or diesel punk. Stories must be set in Canada or involve Canada and Canadians as the principal subject operating in the larger world (or beyond). Stories may be historical (back to 1867) or futuristic, but events must take place prior to 2017.

They consider reprints only for English translation of stories originally published in French. They may accept a limited number of short poems. Indigenous and multi-cultural voices are especially welcome.

Word limit: 1,500-7,000; less than 100 lines for poems
Deadline: 14 February 2017
Pay: 5c/word (CAD) for original fiction and poems (min CAD$10 per poem); CAD$100 for reprints.
Details here.  

2. Hippocampus Magazine and Press’s Air: radio-inspired stories

They want true stories inspired by the heyday of radio; behind-the-scene stories about small town radio stations. They want to hear from fans, (current/former) jocks, program directors, engineers, the sales team, and ancillary characters like record reps and concert promoters. They are looking at a variety of eras, settings, themes, and voices, but stories must be true and contributors must be willing to use their real names.
Word limit: 6,500
15 February 2017
Details here.

3. Zimbell House’s The Mountain Pass
This is a Western-themed cowboy short story anthology; they are looking for well-developed stories that involve a mountain pass. These could be heartfelt love stories, or those of brave explorers, or about the search for a solitary life. Short stories and novelettes are welcome.

Word limit:
up to 12,500
Deadline: 15 February 2017
Pay: One soft cover copy of the anthology.
Details here.

4. Parsec Ink’s Triangulation anthology: Appetites

This year’s theme, Appetites, can be interpreted widely; hungering for revenge or power, for example. They accept science fiction, fantasy and horror, or a blend of these. Stories must have mature content.

Word limit: Up to 6,000 words, but the sweet spot is 3,000; no minimum limit.
28 February 2017
Details here.

5. Black Books Publishing: three anthologies – science fiction, erotica/superheroes, erotic poetry

All three have working titles and are open until the anthologies are filled. Writers should query before submitting.

Black to Mars: Science fiction anthology.
Black Superheroes Do It Too!: Black erotica/superhero anthology.
Black Woman Beautiful: Erotic poetry anthology.
Word limit: 3,000-10,000 for science fiction; 3,500-1,000 for superheroes

Deadlines: Until the anthologies are filled
Pay: $50 + royalties for science fiction; $100 + royalties for superhero; $10 for poetry
Details here.




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