Written by Mandy Brown May 28th, 2015

50-Word Short Stories: Now Accepting Submissions

An approachable market for writers at any stage, 50-Word Stories publishes microfiction stories of exactly 50 words. With so few words to play with, writers are challenged to make intentional choices so their stories can still have traditional beginnings, middles, and ends, in addition to plots, character development, and pace. In providing guidance for contributors, the publication directs you to Bob Thurber’s Anatomy of a Microfiction, an informative site that dissects a flash fiction piece with depth and clarity.

Founded by Tim Sevenhuysen, 50-Word Stories publish two stories every weekday with the best story of each month winning a $10 prize. Authors may submit one story per month, and the story may be previously unpublished, a reprint, and or a simultaneous submission. They provide a form with which you can send your work, or you can send it directly to the editor at Tim@FiftyWordStories.com. Authors are also encouraged to submit holiday or date-specific stories as long as this is included in the cover letter.

Authors should be aware that the editor publishes his own work on the site along with other authors as a way to create a community of microwriters. 50-Word Stories also has a high acceptance ratio and provides personal feedback in most of its responses. This feedback means even novice writers can benefit from the publication, and more seasoned writers can fine-tune word choice with the stimulating exercise of a 50 word story. What better way to warm yourself up for writing?

Mandy Brown is a writer in Central Texas, the 2013 recipient of A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Tillie Olsen Fellowship, and the author of The Sting (Sweatshoppe Publications, 2013). Mandy currently teaches English at an alternative school and loves it! Read more of her writing at her website.


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