Written by Emily Harstone March 13th, 2023

56 Manuscript Publishers with Geographic Restrictions

We generally only review presses that accept work without geographic limitations on who can submit, but this list includes many publishers who do have geographic requirements. We have never fully reviewed these presses because of their geographic limitations, but they are still good presses. Most of the presses on this list accept work from writers with a specific geographic region or nationality, some have very strict limitations, and others are more lenient. All of the publishers on this list primarily publish authors from the country they are based in by a wide margin, even if they don’t have formal guidelines that state this. In 2019 we created this list as a reference point for writers, and have received a lot of positive feedback and support in terms of updating it. This list is organized by country. It only covers a limited number of countries at this time. If this article continues to do well, we will keep expanding the list and include more countries in the future. Currently, this list only covers the US, Canada, Australia and NZ, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and Asia, but we are hoping for that to change. Not all of the publishers on this list are currently open to unagented submissions, but most are. I’ve done basic research about the publishers, but I haven’t done in-depth research as I do for a full review, so keep that in mind. If you know of a press to add to this list, please send me an email at support@authorspubish.com. United States Craven Street Books An imprint of Linden Publishing, Inc. Craven Street Books is located in downtown Fresno, California. Its primary focus is on the history, people, and places of California. Red Adept Publishing This multi-genre small press has managed to end up with a number of books on the New York Times Bestseller list. They are only open to submissions by US-based writers. Epicenter Press Founded in Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1988, Epicenter Press, Inc. is a regional press publishing nonfiction books about Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Hub City Press A respected press with great distribution. They publish books of literary fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, regional nonfiction, nature, and art. They only publish work for adults. They accept non-agented submissions in March/April and September/October. According to their website, “Hub City publishes writers living in or from the South. What’s the South? A complicated issue, to say the least, but the short answer for our purposes: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia. At the same time, we’re interested in boundaries, borders, and in-betweens, so if you want to make a case for a state not listed here, we’ll take a look.” University of Georgia Press They do not have strict geographic guidelines, but much of what they publish is about Georgia and the American South. Although they also publish on a number of other subjects. Islandport Press The vast majority of what they publish for adults and all of what they publish for children is centred on New England sensibilities, and they prefer to work with authors and illustrators who are connected to Maine. Cat & Mouse Press A small press that is only interested in publishing work that has a direct connection to the Delmarva area. The Delmarva Peninsula, also known as the Eastern Shore, embraces the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland and Virginia. Heyday Press Heyday is an established independent and nonprofit publisher that focuses on California and the American West. They publish nonfiction books that explore history, celebrate Native cultural renewal, fight injustice, and honor nature. Buffalo Heritage Press An imprint of City of Lights Publishing that focuses on publishing Buffalo’s stories as told by authors in Buffalo. Camino Books They publish nonfiction books of local and regional interest to people in the Middle Atlantic states. Santa Monica Press They are open to international submissions, but much of what they publish is of local interest and focused on California. Amble Press This press which focuses on publishing work by queer writers of color, doesn’t officially state on their website that they don’t accept international submissions but several of our international subscribers have been informed otherwise, so I’ve added them to this list. Canada Anansi Press A wonderful Canadian press focusing on publishing a wide range of literary works. They accept submissions twice a year, for a one-month period. Currently the months they are accepting submissions are August and February. They accept work by Canadian citizens or residents, or Indigenous Peoples from Turtle Island and around the world who are eligible to hold Canadian citizenship. Groundwood Press My favorite Canadian children’s book publisher, and an imprint of Anansi Press, they are open to children’s nonfiction, and novel-length fiction, but are not currently open to picture book submissions. Red Deer Press A respected and established publisher of children’s books. They used to be open to submissions from outside of Canada, but they’ve recently limited their perimeters to only “encourage” Canadian authors, and they are now only open to submissions via post. Caitlin Press Caitlin Press is a British Columbia based literary press. They only publish authors from Canada, the majority being BC-based. Dagger Editions Caitlin Press’s new imprint focuses on publishing literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry by and about queer women (those who identify as queer women, including trans women or trans men, or anyone who includes this in their personal history). Touchwood They only publish Canadian writers, with a strong preference for writers based in western Canada. They publish a wide variety of nonfiction as well as literary fiction and memoir. Invisible Publishing Invisible Publishing publishes literary fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction by Canadians. Coach House Books Coach House Books is one of the largest publishers in Canada. They are a wonderful press that primarily publishes Canadian authors. They publish poetry, literary fiction,  and select nonfiction; they’re not accepting drama currently. Cormorant Books Cormorant Books publishes literary fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, and translations of Québécois authors. They are only open to Canadian authors. Dundurn Press One of the largest Canadian presses. They have over 2,500 books currently in print. They publish a variety of fiction and nonfiction. ECW Press They are only open to fiction and poetry books submitted by Canadians; there are no citizenship restrictions on writers submitting nonfiction. Freehand Books A Canadian press that started out as as an imprint but is now independent. They publish literary fiction, literary nonfiction, memoir and graphic literature. They have good distribution. Ronsdale Press A literary house that publishes a wide variety of work including children’s books. They accept work only from Canadian citizens or landed immigrants to Canada. NeWest Press NeWest publishes outstanding literary works by established and emerging Canadian authors at the rate of 10-12 books a year. They are especially interested in publishing books by Western Canadian authors or which explore Western Canadian themes. They have good distribution. Mansfield Press This Toronto based small press publishes poetry, literary fiction, and creative nonfiction by Canadian writers. Talonbooks They publish work of significant literary or cultural importance by Canadian authors. They are not accepting fiction submissions after Febuary 24th, 2023. Wolsak and Wynn At the very start of their guidelines they state: “We are a Canadian press dedicated to publishing clear, passionate Canadian voices. As such, we publish very few non-Canadians. However, we encourage Canadian authors of diverse backgrounds and communities to submit.” Their books are well edited and beautifully printed. Turnstone Press They are only open to specific fiction genres, nonfiction, and poetry. Please see their submission page for details. Authors must be based in Canada. Baraka Books Baraka Books is a Quebec-based English-language book publisher specializing in creative and political nonfiction, history and historical fiction, and fiction. They also have a translation imprint. Delve An imprint of Irwin Law, Delve is looking for books that provide insightful and accessible analysis of influential legal cases, legislation, and policies related to diversity, equity, and systemic prejudice in Canada. They are open to submissions from non Canadians, but the focus of the work must be Canada. Random House Canada The Canadian arm of Random House changed their submission policy have opened their policy exclusively to LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC writers, as well as those from other traditionally underrepresented communities. They are particularly looking for “High quality commercial fiction in the following genres: literary, romance, speculative fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. Please note that we do not currently accept screenplays, stage plays, young adult fiction, children’s fiction, or picture book queries. All non-fiction submissions must be submitted via a literary agent.” They are open to submissions internationally. Tundra Books, Puffin Canada, Penguin Teen Canada These children and teen focused Canadian imprints are open to direct submissions by underrepresented authors and illustrators only. Authors need not be Canadian. Australia and New Zealand Hachette Australia Hachette is only open to direct submissions from residents of Australia or NZ. Penguin Random House Australia A big five publisher. They are only open to submissions from Australians. Black Inc.  This established and award-winning Australian press has imprints that focus on nonfiction and fiction. They accept work from Australian writers only. te herenga waka university press te herenga waka univerisity press is New Zealand’s leading publisher of new fiction and poetry, and a scholarly publisher specializing in NZ history, biography and essays. Submissions are restricted to people who live in or are strongly connected with Aotearoa New Zealand. Ginninderra Press A small press that focuses on publishing quality nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Text Publishing An established and respected publisher of fiction and nonfiction, including middle grade and young adult. Submissions should be from citizens or residents of Australia and/or New Zealand. Fremantle Press Fremantle Press accepts submissions of unsolicited manuscripts from authors of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia, or non-Western Australian authors whose work has a strong Western Australian focus. They publish nonfiction, fiction and narrative nonfiction, poetry, and books for children and young adults. They will soon open for the Fogarty Literary Award for manuscripts by young West Australian writers, which has a prize of AUD20,000. Pantera Press Their passion is “publishing books readers rave about by discovering, launching and nurturing talented Australian authors who write quality fiction or non-fiction for a popular audience”. They also accept work from New Zealand  authors. Giramondo Giramondo doesn’t have any strict guidelines in terms of geography, but they do appear to have a track record of publishing primarily writers from Australia and New Zealand, so I have placed them here. They publish quality poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Wakefield Press They publish a wide variety of work and are only not open to children’s picture book submissions. They do not state strict geographic guidelines but they mostly publish work by Australian authors. Melbourne University Press They accept unsolicited submissions of nonfiction work. UK, Ireland Dahlia Books This is a small UK based press, and they are only currently only interested in short fiction and short stories when presented as a collection from a UK based writer. Tramp Press Tramp is a literary press based out of Ireland that has great distribution. Within Ireland they are distributed by Gill & Macmillan. Throughout the rest of the world they are distributed by Macmillan. They do not accept submissions from the US and Canada. Sandycove They are an imprint of Penguin Random House Ireland, that consider manuscripts and proposals, in all genres. They are open to submissions from the UK and Ireland. Claret Press This literary press is mostly open to submissions from the UK. Salt This established small press is  happy to consider full-length poetry collections by British or Irish citizens. Currach Books An independent publisher of Irish interest books. Floris Books A publisher of specialized nonfiction and children’s books. ] Acair Books They publish books in Scottish Gaelic and English.  Many of their titles are related to Scotland, history, nature and social issues. They allow unrepresented authors to query. Gill Books One of Ireland’s leading publishers of content in terms of both the Primary and Secondary schools market, but they also publish nonfiction for adults. They accept proposals for adult nonfiction and children’s books. Asia Epigram Books They are an independent publisher established in 2011, with imprints in Singapore and London. They say “We are keen to read and publish new writing by Singaporean authors and authors writing about Singapore.” So they don’t have strict geographic guidelines but a specific geographic focus. Penguin Random House Southeast Asia Though this imprint of this big five publisher is technically open to submissions from authors everywhere, they would prioritize Southeast Asian authors.
A scholarly publisher focused on the social sciences, Manohar is based in India, and the books they publish primarily focus on India and South Asia.
Earnshaw Book
Earnshaw Books is actively seeking new manuscripts of all sorts, particularly historical fiction, Young Adult fiction, China-related topics, and Chinese language learning-related books and materials.

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