Written by Emily Harstone July 22nd, 2015

8 Essential Articles for Self Published Authors

This collection of articles contains comprehensive, thoughtful advice for self published authors by self published authors.

The articles in this collection focus on giving concrete advice and encouragement for self published authors.

Eleven Ways to Build an Audience for Your Writing

Eleven concrete steps to take to develop an audience for your writing, not just for one book, but for all of the work that you publish.

An informative article about the usefulness of the publishing platform Wattpad.

A helpful guide to using the popular publishing platform Smashwords.

A Proper Indie Book Launch
Great advice for how to launch your book after publishing it.

Four Self Publishing Problems (and Their Solutions)
An examination of the most common problems facing self published authors. Filled with practical advice for how to combat those problems.

Still Alice: A Self Publishing Success Story and The Sea Of Tranquility: A Self Publishing Success Story
These articles talk about two bestselling books that were initially self published. The article focuses on concrete steps the authors took that helped them become successful. If you are just considering self publishing these articles will give you good ideas for what to try and how much work is involved.

Profit Margin Or Pride?
A great article on how to judge your success if you are self published author.

How to Fail Miserably at Self Publishing
An author with 20 years of experience examines his initial failure and later success with self publishing in terms of learning an invaluable skill for most self published authors, copywriting.


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