Written by Emily Harstone June 8th, 2020

8 Exciting New Literary Journals

In the last 6 months the following journals opened their metaphorical doors for the first time.

A number of magazines on this particular list have specific focuses and areas of interest.

It is great to submit to new journals as the editors tend to have more energy and enthusiasm. They also tend to be more open to new authors or authors with only a small list of past publications. Of course new journals don’t yet have a reputation, one way or the other, so there is some risk attached to it. However, in my experience the risk is worth it because the reward can be great.

Not all of these journals are currently open to submissions, but the majority are.

The Daily Drunk

The Daily Drunk was started in early 2020. They publish funny fiction, nonfiction, poetry, lists, reviews, quizzes, and comics. They accept submissions year-round and publish daily. They have a quick turnaround time and have already published some great work.

Bowery Gothic

Inspired by a reading series in the Bowery, New York, this great online journal publishes fiction and poetry. This is what they say they are looking for, “We look for stories—both real and imagined—that exist in that liminal space: between the seen and unseen; between entertainment and fear. We are excited by work that stands at the threshold and looks into the unknown. We are excited by the sublimity of terror.”

The Beach Hut

This literary journal is based in the UK. They are interested in coastal themed poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. They publish all work online. Their submission guidelines are near the top of the page, underneath the messages from the judges.

Club Plum

Club Plum is a literary journal that wants to feel like a house party. They publish prose poetry, flash fiction, and art.

Red Tree Review

They are just now reading submissions for their debut issue, but the website is appealing and the submissions guidelines are clear. They are a poetry only literary journal.


This Canadian literary journal has online and print issues and is based in Montreal. They publish established and emerging artists. They are open to online and print submissions at different times.

The West Review

A new online literary journal based on the west coast of the United states. They publish poetry, prose, and art. They are paying all contributing writers an unspecified amount. The first issue is now published and they now accepting submissions for their second issue.


A new online magazine that wants to publish poetry about what fascinates you, what perturbs you, and what keeps you up at night.

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