Written by Emily Harstone December 16th, 2019

9 Exciting New Literary Journals

In the last 6 months the following journals opened their metaphorical doors for the first time.

A number of magazines on this particular list have specific focuses and areas of interest.

It is great to submit to new journals as the editors tend to have more energy and enthusiasm. They also tend to be more open to new authors or authors with only a small list of past publications. Of course new journals don’t yet have a reputation, one way or the other, so there is some risk attached to it. However, in my experience the risk is worth it because the reward can be great.

Not all of these journals are currently open to submissions, but the majority are.

After Dinner Conversation

This fascinating new electronic magazine publishes short stories designed to stimulate thoughtful conversations around ethical issues. They publish work aimed at children, young adults, and adults. They are a paying market. You have to follow their submission guidelines closely.


They publish narratives around chronic illness. They publish two issues a year. Each call for submissions is focused around a prompt. They publish nonfiction, poetry, and art.

Fudoki Magazine

An Online Magazine of Myths, Legends, Fables, Fantasy, Folklore and Fairytales, they are publishing their first issue in January 2020, so it is hard to get a feel for exactly what they will be like, but I really like their area of focus.


A UK e-magazine that calls themselves the home of intelligent horror, they are a focused market that seems to be publishing good genre fiction.

Jam & Sand

This beautiful new electronic journal based out of Canada is always open to submissions and publishes poetry, creative non-fiction, and fiction.

Black Coffee Review

A new electronic poetry journal that has already published some wonderful poems (I was particularly impressed by these two).

After Alexi

They publish magic realism, contemporary fairy tale, horror, experimental and dark literary fiction in a flash format. They are online only.


A beautiful UK e-journal that publishes excellent poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction.

Mythridate Magazine

A paying market that bills itself as a magazine for neo-romantics they are seeking nonfiction, poetry, and fiction.

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