Written by Emily Harstone June 18th, 2015

94 Creations: Now Accepting Submissions of Short Stories, Essays, and Poetry

94 Creations is a print literary journal that publishes two issues every year. They publish short stories, non-fiction, and poetry, by new and emerging authors. The work they gravitate towards is gritty and offbeat. 94 Creations is based out of  Louisville, Kentucky.

They are open to submissions from June 1st till August 31st. Work submitted during this period will be published in their fall issue in October. They have a fairly quick response time to submissions. They usually respond within two weeks time, but it can take them up to two months.

You can submit twice during the reading period, however, you must wait for a response to the first submission before submitting a second. They have an easy to use submission manager. Make sure to include a cover letter and biographical information in the “Comments” section of the submission form

They do not accept reprints. If your work is accepted they will ask for first North American Serial Rights, First Electronic Rights, and Electronic Archival Rights. All that means is that they want the rights to publish your work for the first time, and they want the right to keep it in their online archive if they choose to publish it their as well. The rights of the work returns to you after publication and you can always have the work re-printed elsewhere.

At this time they do not appear to have an online archive of previously published work, so it is hard to get to much of a feel for what they publish on their website. Although if you go to their editor’s page, on the right hand side there is an image that says “take a sneak peek”. If you click on it you can download a pdf containing a number of works 94 creations has previously published. This will give you a much better feeling for what they are interested in.

You can learn more or submit on their website.



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